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Publications based on archival ELODIE data

Archive : Moultaka et al. (2004) PASP 116, 693
Library : Prugniel & Soubiran (2001) A&A 369, 1048; Prugniel et al. (2007) arXiv:astro-ph/0703658

(updated 11 Jan 2020)


Arentsen, Anke; Prugniel, Philippe; Gonneau, Anais; Lançon, Ariane; Trager, Scott; Peletier, Reynier; Lyubenova, Mariya; Chen, Yan-Ping; Falcón Barroso, Jesús; Sánchez Blázquez, Patricia; Vazdekis, Alejandro Stellar atmospheric parameters for 754 spectra from the X-shooter Spectral Library 2019 A&A 627, A138 193/ELODIE Library Interpolator Boardman, N.; Zasowski, G.; Seth, A.; Newman, J.; Andrews, B.; Bershady, M.; Bird, J.; Chiappini, C.; Fielder, C.; Fraser-McKelvie, A.; Jones, A.; Licquia, T.; Masters, K. L.; Minchev, I.; Schiavon, R. P.; Brownstein, J. R.; Drory, N.; Lane, R. R. Milky Way Analogues in MaNGA: Multi-Parameter Homogeneity and Comparison to the Milky Way 2019 MNRAS 491, 3672 193/ELODIE Library Chojnowski, S. Drew; Hubrig, Swetlana; Hasselquist, Sten; Castelli, Fiorella; Whelan, David G.; Majewski, Steven R.; Nitschelm, Christian; García-Hernández, D. A.; Stassun, Keivan G.; Zamora, Olga Discovery of Resolved Magnetically Split Lines in SDSS/APOGEE Spectra of 157 Ap/Bp Stars 2019 ApJ 873, L5 193/ELODIE Library Cuomo, V.; Corsini, E. M.; Aguerri, J. A. L.; Debattista, V. P.; Coccato, L.; Costantin, L.; Dalla Bontà, E.; Iodice, E.; Méndez-Abreu, J.; Morelli, L.; Pagotto, I.; Pizzella, A. Evidence of a fast bar in the weakly-interacting galaxy NGC 4264 with MUSE 2019 MNRAS 488, 4972 193/ELODIE Library Du, Bing; Luo, A.-Li; Zuo, F.; Bai, Z.-R. and 15 co-authors An Empirical Template Library for FGK and Late-type A Stars Using LAMOST Observed Spectra 2019, ApJS 240, 10 193/ELODIE Library interpolator Gvaramadze, V. V.; Maryeva, O. V.; Kniazev, A. Y.; Alexashov, D. B. and 3 co-authors CPD-64°2731: a massive spun-up and rejuvenated high-velocity runaway star 2019, MNRAS 482, 4408 193/ELODIE Archive Han, C.; Yee, J. C.; Udalski, A.; Bond, I. A.; Bozza, V.; Cassan, A.; Hirao, Y.; Dong, S.; Kollmeier, J. A.; Morrell, N.; Boutsia, K.; Albrow, M. D.; Chung, S.-J.; Gould, A.; Hwang, K.-H.; Lee, C.-U.; Ryu, Y.-H.; Shin, I.-G.; Shvartzvald, Y. ; ... Spectroscopic Mass and Host-star Metallicity Measurements for Newly Discovered Microlensing Planet OGLE-2018-BLG-0740Lb 193/ELODIE Library Kahraman Aliçavuș, F.; Aliçavuș, F. Detailed spectroscopic and photometric study of three detached eclipsing binaries 2019 MNRAS 488, 5279 193/ELODIE Archive Li, Yan-Rong; Wang, Jian-Min; Zhang, Zhi-Xiang; Wang, Kai; Huang, Ying-Ke; Lu, Kai-Xing; Hu, Chen; Du, Pu; Bon, Edi; Ho, Luis C.; Bai, Jin-Ming; Bian, Wei-Hao; Yuan, Ye-Fei; Winkler, Hartmut; Denissyuk, Eduard K.; Valiullin, Rashit R.; Bon, Nataša; Popović, Luka Č. A Possible ̃20 yr Periodicity in Long-term Optical Photometric and Spectral Variations of the Nearby Radio-quiet Active Galactic Nucleus Ark 120 2019 ApJS 241, 33 193/ELODIE Library Martín-Navarro, Ignacio; Romanowsky, Aaron J.; Brodie, Jean P.; Ferré-Mateu, Anna; Alabi, Adebusola; Forbes, Duncan A.; Sharina, Margarita; Villaume, Alexa; Pandya, Viraj; Martinez-Delgado, David Extreme chemical abundance ratio suggesting an exotic origin for an ultradiffuse galaxy 2019 MNRAS 484, 3425 193/ELODIE Library PEGASE Martins, Lucimara P.; Lima-Dias, Círia; Coelho, Paula R. T.; Laganá, Tatiana F. Testing stellar population fitting ingredients with Globular Clusters I: Stellar libraries 2019 MNRAS 484, 2388 193/ELODIE Library Mishenina, T.; Pignatari, M.; Gorbaneva, T.; Travaglio, C.; Côté, B.; Thielemann, F. -K.; Soubiran, C. Enrichment of the Galactic disc with neutron-capture elements: Mo and Ru 2019 MNRAS 489, 1697 193/ELODIE, SOPHIE Archive Mishenina, T.; Pignatari, M.; Gorbaneva, T.; Bisterzo, S.; Travaglio, C.; Thielemann, F. -K.; Soubiran, C. Enrichment of the Galactic disc with neutron capture elements: Sr 2019 MNRAS 484, 3846 193/ELODIE, SOPHIE Archive Potravnov, I. S.; Grinin, V. P.; Serebriakova, N. A. Flares of accretion activity of the 20 Myr old UXOR RZ Psc 2019 A&A 630, A64 193/ELODIE Archive Sharma, K.; Kembhavi, A.; Kembhavi, A.; Sivarani, T.; Abraham, S.; Vaghmare, K. Application of Convolutional Neural Networks for Stellar Spectral Classification 2019 MNRAS 491, 2280 193/ELODIE Library Tian, Xiao-man; Zhu, Li-ying; Wang, Zhi-hua Am-Type Eclipsing Binary V2787 Ori: An Evolved Shallow-contact Binary with an Extremely Low Mass Ratio 2019 PASP 131.4203 193/ELODIE Library Interpolator Tian, Xiao-Man; Zhu, Li-Ying V723 Persei: A short-period Algol-like near-contact binary 2019 PASJ 71, 66 193/ELODIE Library Interpolator Yan, R.; Chen, Y.; Lazarz, D.; Bizyaev, D. and 16+ co-authors SDSS-IV MaStar: A Large and Comprehensive Empirical Stellar Spectral Library—First Release 2019 ApJ 883, 175 193/ELODIE Library Yu, Lu; Xiang-ru, Li; Yang-tao, Lin; Kai-bin, Qiu A Method of Estimating the [α/Fe] Ratios from Low-resolution Stellar Spectra 2019 ChA&A 43, 237 193/ELODIE Library Zamanov, R.; Stoyanov, K. A.; Wolter, U.; Marchev, D.; Petrov, N. I. Spectral observations of X Persei: Connection between Hα and X-ray emission 2019 A&A 622, A173 193/ELODIE Archive


Aller, A.; Lillo-Box, J.; Vučković, M.; Van Winckel, H. and 4 co-authors A new look inside Planetary Nebula LoTr 5: A long-period binary with hints of a possible third component 2018, MNRAS tmp, 174 193/ELODIE Archive Cheng, L.; Zhang, F.; Kang, X.; Wang, L. A new stellar spectrum interpolation algorithm and its application to Yunnan-III evolutionary population synthesis models 2018, MNRAS 476, 4071 193/ELODIE Library Dimitrov, Dinko P.; Kjurkchieva, Diana P.; Ivanov, Emil I. A Study of the Hα Variability of Be Stars 2018, AJ 156, 61 193/ELODIE Archive Du, Cuihua; Li, Hefan; Liu, Shuai; Donlon, Tom; Newberg, Heidi Jo The High-velocity Stars in the Local Stellar Halo from Gaia and LAMOST 2018, ApJ 863, 87 193/ELODIE Library Franchini, M.; Morossi, C.; Di Marcantonio, P.; Chavez, M. and 18 co-authors Gaia-ESO Survey: INTRIGOSS—A New Library of High-resolution Synthetic Spectra 2018, ApJ 862, 146 193/ELODIE Library Hanke, Michael; Hansen, Camilla Juul; Koch, Andreas; Grebel, Eva K. ATHOS: On-the-fly stellar parameter determination of FGK stars based on flux ratios from optical spectra 2018, A&A 619, A134 193/ELODIE Library Harmanec, P.; Brož, M.; Mayer, P.; Zasche, P. and 8 co-authors Improved model of the triple system V746 Cassiopeiae that has a bipolar magnetic field associated with the tertiary 2018, A&A 609, A5 193/ELODIE Archive, 152/AURELIE Kacharov, N.; Neumayer, N.; Seth, A. C.; Cappellari, M. and 3 co-authors Stellar populations and star formation histories of the nuclear star clusters in six nearby galaxies 2018, MNRAS 480, 1973 193/ELODIE Library_PEGASE-HR Kahraman Aliçavuş, Filiz Spectroscopic and photometric studies of a candidate pulsating star in an eclipsing binary: V948 Her 2018, RAA 18, 87 193/ELODIE Archive Martins, F. Quantitative spectral classification of Galactic O stars 2018, A&A 616, A135 193/ELODIE Archive, SOPHIE Archive Monier, R.; Gebran, M.; Royer, F.; Kilicoglu, T.; Frémat, Y. HR 8844: A New Transition Object between the Am Stars and the HgMn Stars? 2018, ApJ 854, 50 193/SOPHIE + ELODIE Archive Qian, S.-B.; Li, L.-J.; He, J.-J.; Zhang, J. and 2 co-authors LAMOST views δ Scuti pulsating stars 2018, MNRAS 475,478 193/ELODIE Library interpolator Raucq, F.; Rauw, G.; Mahy, L.; Simón-Díaz, S. Fundamental parameters of massive stars in multiple systems: The cases of HD 17505A and HD 206267A 2018, A&A 614, A60 193/ELODIE Archive, SOPHIE Archive Soubiran, C.; Jasniewicz, G.; Chemin, L.; Zurbach, C. and 38 co-authors Gaia Data Release 2. The catalogue of radial velocity standard stars 2018, A&A 616, A7 193/ELODIE Archive, SOPHIE Archive Takeda, Yoichi; Hashimoto, Osamu; Honda, Satoshi Spectroscopic Determination of Capella’s Photospheric Abundances: Possible Influence of Stellar Activity 2018, ApJ 862, 57 193/ELODIE Archive Wang, C.; Liu, X.-W.; Huang, Y.; Xiang, M.-S. and 15 co-authors LEMONY - a library of empirical medium-resolution spectra by observations with the NAOC Xinglong 2.16-m and YNAO Gaomeigu 2.4-m telescopes 2018, MNRAS 480, 4766 193/ELODIE Library Xing, Q. F.; Zhao, G. Evidence for accreted component in the Galactic discs 2018, MNRAS 476, 5388 193/ELODIE Library Zakhozhay, O.V.; Miroshnichenko, A.S.; Kuratov, K.S.; Zakhozhay, V.A. and 3 co-authors IRAS 22150+6109 - a young B-type star with a large disc 2018, MNRAS 477, 977 193/ELODIE Archive Zverko, J.; Iliev, I.; Romanyuk, I. I.; Stateva, I.; Kudryavtsev, D. O.; Semenko, E. A. Stars with Discrepant vsin(i) as Derived from the Ca II 3933 and Mg II 4481 Å Lines. VII. HD9531 (SB), HD31592 (SB2), HD129174 (SB?) 2018, AstBu 73, 351 193/ELODIE Archive


Boardman, N. F.; Weijmans, A.-M.; van den Bosch, R.; Kuntschner, H. and 8 co-authors Integral-field kinematics and stellar populations of early-type galaxies out to three half-light radii 2017, MNRAS 471, 4005 193/ELODIE Library Cheng, K.-P.; Neff, J.E.; Johnson, D.M.; Tarbell, E.S. and 3 co-authors Utilizing Synthetic Visible Spectra to Explore the Physical Basis for the Classification of Lambda Boötis Stars 2017, AJ 153, 39 193/ELODIE Archive Costantin, L.; Méndez-Abreu, J.; Corsini, E. M.; Morelli, L. and 3 co-authors No evidence for small disk-like bulges in a sample of late-type spirals 2017, A&A 601, A84 193/ELODIE Library Ensor, T.; Cami, J.; Bhatt, N. H.; Soddu, A. A Principal Component Analysis of the Diffuse Interstellar Bands 2017, ApJ 836, 162 193/ELODIE Archive Ho, A.Y.Q.; Ness, M.K.; Hogg, D.W.; Rix, H.-W.r and 5 co-authors Label Transfer from APOGEE to LAMOST: Precise Stellar Parameters for 450,000 LAMOST Giants 2017, ApJ 836, 5 193/ELODIE Library interpolator Ho, A.Y.Q.; Rix, H.-W.; Ness, M.K.; Hogg, D.W. and 2 co-authors Masses and Ages for 230,000 LAMOST Giants, via Their Carbon and Nitrogen Abundances 2017, ApJ 841, 40 193/ELODIE Library interpolator Kahraman Aliçavuş, F.; Niemczura, E.; Polińska, M.; Hełminiak, K. G. and 4 co-authors High-resolution spectroscopy and abundance analysis of δ Scuti stars near the γ Doradus instability strip 2017, MNRAS 470, 4408 193/ELODIE Archive Khokhlov, S.A.; Miroshnichenko, A.S.; Mennickent, R.; Cabezas, M. and 6 co-authors Toward Understanding the B[e] Phenomenon. VI. Nature and Spectral Variations of HD 85567. 2017, ApJ 835, 53 193/ELODIE Archive Klement, R.; Carciofi, A. C.; Rivinius, T.; Matthews, L. D. and 8 co-authors Revealing the structure of the outer disks of Be stars 2017, A&A 601, A74 193/ELODIE Archive Liu, J.; Zhang, Y.; Song, F.; Yang, T. The First Photometric Investigation of the Neglected Contact Binary LP Comae 2017, PASP 129, j4204 193/ELODIE Library interpolator Luck, R. Earle Abundances in the Local Region II: F, G, and K Dwarfs and Subgiants 2017, AJ 153, 21 193/ELODIE Archive Maldonado, J.; Villaver, E. Searching for chemical signatures of brown dwarf formation 2017, A&A 602, A38 193/SOPHIE Archive+ELODIE Archive Martins, F.; Palacios, A. Spectroscopic evolution of massive stars on the main sequence 2017, A&A 598, A56 193/ELODIE Archive Morelli, L.; Pizzella, A.; Coccato, L.; Corsini, E. M. and 6 co-authors Kinematic and stellar population properties of the counter-rotating components in the S0 galaxy NGC 1366 2017, A&A 600, A76 193/ELODIE Library Pagotto, I.; Corsini, E. M.; Dalla Bontà, E.; Beifiori, A. and 5 co-authors galaxies 2017, AN 338, 841 193/ELODIE Library Potravnov, I.S.; Mkrtichian, D.E.; Grinin, V.P.; Ilyin, I.V.; Shakhovskoy, D.N. Accretion and outflow activity on the late phases of pre-main-sequence evolution. The case of RZ Piscium 2017, A&A 599, A60 193/ELODIE Archive Qian, S.-B.; He, J.-J.; Zhang, J.; Zhu, L.-Y. and 3 co-authors Physical properties and catalog of EW-type eclipsing binaries observed by LAMOST 2017, RAA 17, 87 193/ELODIE Library interpolator Sadakane, Kozo; Nishimura, Masayoshi Weak metallic emission lines in early B-type stars 2017, PASJ 69, 48S 193/ELODIE Archive dos Santos, L. A.; Meléndez, J.; Bedell, M.; Bean, J. L. and 5 co-authors Spectroscopic binaries in the Solar Twin Planet Search program: from substellar-mass to M dwarf companions 2017, MNRAS 472, 3425 193/ELODIE Archive + SOPHIE Archive de Souza Angelo, M.; Francisco Coelho dos Santos, J., Jr. and 3 co-authors Investigation of Galactic open cluster remnants: the case of NGC 7193 2017, RAA 17, 4 193/ELODIE Library Usenko, I. A.; Miroshnichenko, A. S.; Danford, S. Spectroscopic studies of the unique yellow supergiant α Aqr in the Cepheid instability strip 2017, AstL 43, 751 193/ELODIE Archive Wevers, T.; van Velzen, S.; Jonker, P.G.; Stone, N.C. and 4 co-authors Black hole masses of tidal disruption event host galaxies 2017, MNRAS 471, 1694 193/ELODIE Library Zhang, J.; Qian, S.-B.; Han, Z.-T.; Wu, Y. Two W-subtype contact binaries: GQ Boo and V1367 Tau 2017, MNRAS 466, 1118 193/ELODIE Library interpolator Zhang, J.; Qian, S.-B.; Wang, S.-M.; Wu, Y.; Jiang, L.-Q. Two twin binaries with nearly identical components: KIC 4826439 and KIC 6045264 2017, PASJ 69, 49 193/ELODIE Library interpolator


Antipova, L. I.; Boyarchuk, A. A. Elemental abundances in atmospheres of cool dwarfs with solar-like activity 2016, ARep 60, 145 193/ELODIE Archive Baldassare, V. F.; Reines, A. E.; Gallo, E.; Greene, J. E. and 7 co-authors Multi-epoch Spectroscopy of Dwarf Galaxies with AGN Signatures: Identifying Sources with Persistent Broad Hα Emission 2016, ApJ 829, 57 193/ELODIE Library Bu, Y.; Zhao, G.; Pan, J.; Bharat Kumar, Y. ELM: an Algorithm to Estimate the Alpha Abundance from Low-resolution Spectra 2016, ApJ 817, 78 193/ELODIE Library Cheng, K.-P.; Neff, J.E.; Johnson, D.M.; Tarbell, E.S. and 5 co-authors Utilizing Synthetic UV Spectra to Explore the Physical Basis for the Classification of Lambda Boötis Stars 2016, AJ 151, 105 193/ELODIE Archive Cristallo, S.; Karinkuzhi, D.; Goswami, A.; Piersanti, L.; Gobrecht, D. Constraints of the Physics of Low-mass AGB Stars from CH and CEMP Stars 2016, ApJ 833, 181 193/ELODIE Archive Gebran, M.; Farah, W.; Paletou, F.; Monier, R.; Watson, V. A new method for the inversion of atmospheric parameters of A/Am stars 2016, A&A 589, A83 193/ELODIE & SOPHIE Archives Guo, Jin-Cheng; Liu, Ji-Feng; Wang, Song; Wu, Yue; Qin, Yu-Xiang An active M star with X-ray double flares disguised as an ultra-luminous X-ray source 2016, RAA 16, 34 193/ELODIE Library Hełminiak, K. G.; Kuzuhara, M.; Mede, K.; Brandt, T. D. and 48 co-authors SEEDS Direct Imaging of the RV-detected Companion to V450 Andromedae, and Characterization of the System 2016, ApJ 832, 33 193/ELODIE & SOPHIE Archives Janz, Joachim; Norris, Mark A.; Forbes, Duncan A.; Huxor, Avon and 10 co-authors The AIMSS Project - III. The stellar populations of compact stellar systems 2016, MNRAS 456, 617 193/ELODIE Library Li, Ji; Han, Chen; Xiang, Mao-Sheng; Shi, Jian-Rong and 12 co-authors A method of measuring the [α/Fe] ratios from the spectra of the LAMOST survey 2016, RAA 16, 110 193/ELODIE Library Mahanta, U.; Karinkuzhi, D.; Goswami, A.; Duorah, K. Abundance analysis of s-process enhanced barium stars 2016, MNRAS 463, 1213 193/ELODIE Archive Mahdi, D.; Soubiran, C.; Blanco-Cuaresma, S.; Chemin, L. Solar twins in the ELODIE archive 2016, A&A 587, A131 193/ELODIE Archive Maryeva, Olga; Parfenov, S. Yu.; Yushkin, M. V.; Shapovalova, A. S.; Gorda, S. Yu. Properties of Dwarf Stars in Cygnus OB2 2016, PASA 33, 2 193/ELODIE Archive Molina, R. E.; Rivera, H. Chemical abundances for A-and F-type supergiant stars 2016, RMxAA 52, 399 193/ELODIE Library Roettenbacher, R. M.; Monnier, J. D.; Korhonen, H.; Aarnio, A. N. and 11 co-authors No Sun-like dynamo on the active star ζ Andromedae from starspot asymmetry 2016, Natur 533, 217 193/ELODIE Archive Ryabchikova, T.; Piskunov, N.; Pakhomov, Yu.; Tsymbal, V. and 5 co-authors Accuracy of atmospheric parameters of FGK dwarfs determined by spectrum fitting 2016, MNRAS 456, 1221 193/ELODIE Archive Sharma, K.; Prugniel, P.; Singh, H.P. New atmospheric parameters and spectral interpolator for the MILES cool stars 2016, A&A 585, A64 193/ELODIE Archive Şahin, T.; Lambert, D. L.; Klochkova, V. G.; Panchuk, V. E. HD 179821 (V1427 Aql, IRAS 19114+0002) - a massive post-red supergiant star? 2016, MNRAS 461, 4071 193/ELODIE Archive Sitnova, T. M.; Mashonkina, L. I.; Ryabchikova, T. A. A non-local thermodynamical equilibrium line formation for neutral and singly ionized titanium in model atmospheres of reference A-K stars 2016, MNRAS 461, 1000 193/ELODIE Archive Vigan, A.; Bonnefoy, M.; Ginski, C.; Beust, H. and 71 co-authors First light of the VLT planet finder SPHERE. I. Detection and characterization of the substellar companion GJ 758 B 2016, A&A 587, A55 193/ELODIE Archive Vudragović, A.; Samurović, S.; Jovanović, M. Full stellar kinematical profiles of central parts of nearby galaxies 2016, A&A 593, A40 193/ELODIE Library Yushchenko, V.; Yushchenko, A.; Gopka, V.; Shavrina, A. and 4 co-authors HIP 13962 - The Possible Former Member of Binary System with Supernova 2016, OAP 29, 230 193/ELODIE Archive


Anderson, R. I.; Sahlmann, J.; Holl, B.; Eyer, L. and 4 co-authors Revealing δ Cephei's Secret Companion and Intriguing Past 2015, ApJ 804, 144 193/ELODIE Archive Antipova, L. I.; Boyarchuk, A. A. Some problems in determining elemental abundances in the atmospheres of giants and dwarfs of the HR 1614 moving cluster 2015, ARep 59, 1015 193/ELODIE Archive Bu, Y.; Pan, J. Stellar atmospheric parameter estimation using Gaussian process regression 2015, MNRAS 447, 256 193/ELODIE Library Chang, Li-Na; Zhang, Pei-Ai Application of Multi-task Lasso Regression in the Parametrization of Stellar Spectra 2015, ChA&A 39, 319 193/ELODIE Library Erickson, K.L.; Wilking, B.A.; Meyer, M.R.; Kim, J.S. and 2 co-authors An Optical Spectroscopic Survey of the Serpens Main Cluster: Evidence for Two Populations? 2015, AJ 149, 103 193/ELODIE Archive Flores Soriano, M.; Strassmeier, K. G.; Weber, M. Chromospheric activity and lithium line variations in the spectra of the spotted star LQ Hydrae 2015, A&A 575, A57 193/ELODIE Library Frasca, A.; Biazzo, K.; Lanzafame, A. C.; Alcalá, J. M. and 32 co-authors The Gaia-ESO Survey: Chromospheric emission, accretion properties, and rotation in γ Velorum and Chamaeleon I 2015, A&A 575, A4 193/ELODIE Archive Gray, R.O.; Saken, J.M.; Corbally, C.J.; Briley, M.M. and 5 co-authors The Young Solar Analogs Project: I. Spectroscopic and Photometric Methods and Multi-year Timescale Spectroscopic Results 2015, AJ 150, 203 193/ELODIE Archive Heiter, U.; Jofré, P.; Gustafsson, B.; Korn, A. J.; Soubiran, C.; Thévenin, F. Gaia FGK benchmark stars: Effective temperatures and surface gravities 2015, A&A 582, A49 193/ELODIE Library Janz, J.; Forbes, D.A.; Norris, M.A.; Strader, J. and 3 co-authors How elevated is the dynamical-to-stellar mass ratio of the ultracompact dwarf S999? 2015, MNRAS 449, 1716 193/ELODIE Library Jofré, E.; Petrucci, R.; Saffe, C.; Saker, L. and 4 co-authors Stellar parameters and chemical abundances of 223 evolved stars with and without planets 2015, A&A 574, A50 193/ELODIE & SOPHIE Archives Karinkuzhi, Drisya; Goswami, Aruna Chemical analysis of CH stars - II. Atmospheric parameters and elemental abundances 2015, MNRAS 446, 2348 193/ELODIE Archive Lanzafame, A. C.; Frasca, A.; Damiani, F.; Franciosini, E. and 69 co-authors Gaia-ESO Survey: Analysis of pre-main sequence stellar spectra 2015, A&A 576, A80 193/ELODIE Library Luck, R. Earle Abundances in the Local Region. I. G and K Giants 2015, AJ 150, 88 193/ELODIE Archive Luo, A.-Li; Zhao, Yong-Heng; Zhao, Gang; Deng, Li-Cai and numerous co-authors The first data release (DR1) of the LAMOST regular survey 2015, RAA 15, 1095 193/ELODIE Library Makarov, D. I.; Sharina, M. E.; Karachentseva, V. E.; Karachentsev, I. D. 6-m telescope observations of three dwarf spheroidal galaxies with very low surface brightness 2015, A&A 581, A82 193/ELODIE Library Miroshnichenko, A. S.; Zharikov, S. V.; Danford, S.; Manset, N. and 7 co-authors Toward Understanding the B[e] Phenomenon: V. Nature and Spectral Variations of the MWC 728 Binary System. 2015, ApJ 809, 129 193/ELODIE Archive Paletou, F.; Böhm, T.; Watson, V.; Trouilhet, J.-F. Inversion of stellar fundamental parameters from ESPaDOnS and Narval high-resolution spectra 2015A&A...573A..67P 193/ELODIE Library Perraut, K.; Cunha, M.; Brandão, I.; Loridat, J. and 10 co-authors The fundamental parameters of the Ap star 78 Virginis. 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