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ELODIE database : Things to do

    New reduction

    1) Update the algorithm used to reconnect the order and normalize to the pseudo-continuum. I continued to improve the method, and it allowed to process the spectrum starting from its blue limit at 3900 A. The correction of the diffuse light has been considerably improved.
    This algorithm has been used in : http://adsabs.harvard.edu/abs/2007astro.ph..3658P

    2) I had a question two months ago from somebody from SDSS , steve bickerton, who had a problem in the zero-point of the velocity for SEGUE (a shift 7.3 km/s). He was wondering if we did not have a 1/2 pixel pb (in the R=10000 version). I ruled out such a problem, but doing cross correlations with some high resolution solar spectra I found a shift of 2 km/s.

    Though I would like to compare with other data (maybe with SOPHIE) to confirm the problem, we may suspect that I did not interpret correctly the wavelength solution from the header of the S2D files. I suppose that I assumed that the wavelengths refer to the center of the pixels, and I wonder if it is not actually the edge (this would make more or less the 2 km/s that we have).

    I think that this point is urgent!

    Chargement de listes

    Caroline dit : J'ai une liste de 4300 étoiles pour lesquelles je voudrais connaître l'existence de spectres dans les 2 archives. Dans le cas elodie, je n'arrive pas à charger la liste. La page uploaded file reste vide une fois le transfert terminé. S'agit-il d'un problème lié à la taille de la liste ou bien à certains identificateurs qui ne passent pas ?

    Wrong dentifications

    See how to deal with GJ0000 (which is Gliese 172) and with HD999999, HD999998, etc. (Damerdji spectra)

    Date de milieu de pose
    Done. We now give the (correct) time of start of exposure.

    Spectres avec S/N entre 1 et 3
    Done, but see why S/N is rounded off to an integer and why no correlation curves are displayed.

    Cas des fonctions de corrélation à deux pics

    HyperLeda mirror

    Cas des objets du catalogue GICLAS
    Done (sort of)

updated on: 12.08.2009