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SOPHIE database : Things to do

  • Near-real time access, and password-protected access :
    At present the data are transferred from the DRS machine, where the data acquisition and online processing is carried-on, to the archive once per day, and the data are retrievable only after the PI's exclusivity period.
    We intend to transfer the data to the archive immediately when created, and to give a password protected access to these data. In this way, the observer will be able to use the database capabilities to browse his data.

  • Query by physical parameters :
    The archive meta-data are available in VOTable format, and cross-querying them with other catalogues of physical parameters should be a task devoted to the Virtual Observatory (VO). For this we would just have to register the table access in the VO, and we are basically waiting for demands by the users for such a service.
    However, we may also cross-join the archive with some selected catalogues, to allow the user to set physical constraint on his selection. We will implement this service after reviewing the demands from the users (what catalogues to use? what parameters?...)

  • Off-line automatic characterization of the spectra :
    We expect to run an off-line analysis of the spectra to derive their atmospheric parameters: Effective temperature, surface gravity and [Fe/H] metallicity.

  • Continuum normalization problems :
    Currently SOPHIE spectra are normalized to the tungsten lamp spectrum, but this does not yield a satisfactory reconnected 's1d' spectrum. First there is a residual and variable "échelle ripple", amounting up to 5% in the HE and HR modes. Second there is an over-all instrumental flux modulation which retains the characteristics of the uncorrected spectrum. Until these problems are solved we cannot offer spectra fully normalized to the continuum. Users wishing to correct for these deficiencies can download the 'e2ds' spectra in order space which now include the wavelength and blaze information as FITS extensions.

    A new calibration unit has been designed and tested in mid-March 2014 which produces reduced spectra with a much better continuum shape. This unit is located in the first floor, immediately below SOPHIE, in a temperature controlled room where ELODIE was located.

  • A possible unique SOPHIE/ELODIE Archive interface ?
    It has been suggested that a single web page should give a unified access to the both the ELODIE and SOPHIE databases. This page would allow (1) selection of the desired database, and/or (2) querying by object name or sky coordinates with a subsequent results page with separate entries giving available spectra per instrument. At some point the querying parameters may vary depending on the instrument.

updated on: 15 April 2014