The ELODIE Archive
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The ELODIE Archive

Using and acknowledging the data

The data in the Elodie archive are made freely available to the astronomical community but remain the property of the Observatoire de Haute-Provence (OHP). Any organized re-distribution of the spectra retrieved from the archive is unauthorized. Commercial use is strictly prohibited without our prior agreement.

Publications based on data obtained from this archive should:

The LaTex format for bibliographic reference is:
\bibitem[\protect\citeauthoryear{Moultaka et al.}{2004}]{2004PASP..116..693M} Moultaka J., Ilovaisky S.~A., Prugniel P., Soubiran C., 2004, PASP, 116, 693

The Bibtex entry for this abstract LaTex format bibliographic reference is:

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See a list of papers which cited ELODIE, and of papers that acknowledged the archive.

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