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Elodie archive Help

In the view column, the user is invited to display the spectrum (by clicking on the spectrum button) or view the FITS header (header button).

The plot function extracts the spectrum from the database, resamples it with a constant wavelength step (of 0.05 Å) and plots the instrumental flux (as measured on the detector and corrected for the blaze function and diffuse light effects) versus wavelength.

For more information see the download help page. More processing and plotting options are available in the customize column, including how to obtain a spectrum normalized to the continuum.

The header page gives the full description (meta-data) of the s2d image. Part of the information provided by the observer, e.g. the object designation, or by the telescope, e.g. the pointing position, may not be accurate. We will update it whenever possible and we welcome feedback from the users to help us detecting such anomalies.
Please note that one such anomaly concerns the MJD-OBS keyword, which refers to the geocentric modified julian date of mid-exposure, and not of the start of the exposure, as stated.
This archive is actively maintained. We thus welcome feedback from the user to help us detect anomalies and improve the website.

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