Cross-correlation functions: constraints: [datenuit ='20011208'],[imanum ='0028'][Elodie Archive]
label value unit description
objnameHD022484 Designation of object
positionJ033652.4+002406J2000 position
SSLink to Simbad database
OOSearch Sophie spectra
datenuit20011208beginning of observation night
imanum0028spectra sequence number
typeobj Cross-correlated fiber (object or sky)
masqueR37000K0Cross-correlation mask
imatypOBTHstype of observation
exptim 300.8sexposure time
sn148signal/noise in order 47
vfit 28.050km/sFitted radial velocity (first peak of the correlation function)
sigfit 4.986km/s1-sigma width of the first correlation peak
ampfit 0.1174Amplitude of the first correlation peak
view_ccfview_ccfPlot the CCF
get_ccfget_ccfDownload the CCF
search_specsearch_specSearch the spectra for these CCF

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