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ELODIE Archive News

    Publications making use of the ELODIE Archive should refer to : Moultaka et al. (2004) PASP, 116, 693-698
    Publications making use of the ELODIE Library should refer to : Prugniel and Soubiran (2001) A&A, 369, 1048

  • As of 22 March 2017, the ELODIE Archive search interface has been upgraded and now presents the same search options as the SOPHIE Archive. This allows to search the Archives using SQL constraints on any of the displayed metadata fields.

  • Starting June 2015, the SOPHIE and ELODIE Archives are hosted on a new machine (DELL PowerEdge R620, running Debian Linux, coupled to a PowerVault MD1200 raid array) installed in the recently refurbished OHP server room. This new configuration offers more than twice as much storage (now nearly 10 Tb) as the old system (Apple G5 Xserve + Xraid, running MacOS Server) dating from late 2005.

  • NEW : Direct access to CCF results through an HTTP request with parameters.

  • As of August 2011, there are 35535 spectra in the Archive, and all are public. 26315 spectra have measured radial velocities. There are 7959 distinct identifiers (but there may be some duplication due to unresolved aliases).

  • We maintain a publication list of papers using ELODIE archival data.

  • Various problems with slow response to queries have been solved (12/2012)

  • Cross-correlation functions displaying two dips are now fully documented with double-gaussian fit results given for both components.

  • Observations with S/N between 0.5 and 3 are now available (542 additional spectra). Most of these spectra yield quite good cross-correlation functions and velocities.

  • FITS keywords DATE-OBS and MJD-OBS now correctly give the geocentric UTC of the beginning of the exposure, as expected. The barycentric JD corresponding to the middle of the exposure is given by the keywords JDB1 (integer part) and JDB2 (fractional part).

  • Previously overlooked erroneous object identifiers are still being corrected. This is a task in progress.

  • There is a list of things TO DO

Ph.Prugniel & S.A.Ilovaisky
revised version: 23.03.2017